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Are you looking to update your qualifications? About to take the 17th edition exam? Do you have sample questions and answers? Worry not – we have questions and answers available for you today! Whether you are a practicing electrician or a new entrant to the electrical trade, you need to obtain the latest electrical qualifications. Anyone who is involved in the maintenance, installation and/or design of electrical installations or wiring in buildings will be affected by the 17th edition wiring regulations as would professional engineers and students needing to gain recognised electrical qualifications.

The 17th Edition IET Wiring Regulations is a long overdue update on the 16th Edition Wiring Regulations. All industrial and domestic electrical installations and wiring must conform to these regulations and, in order to align with European documents, the 17th edition contains some substantial changes over the previous edition. The first amendment came into effect on January 1st 2012 and all installations designed after December 31st 2011 must comply.

Because of this, there are now a variety of training options which can provide the necessary skills and knowledge to both those entering the industry and also experienced persons who simply need to update their existing qualifications. We have 17th edition past questions and answers to help with your learning.

The IET Wiring Regulations are essential reading, to all those involved in the design, installation and maintenance of electric wiring in buildings, including electricians and electrical contractors, consultants, Local Authorities, surveyors and architects. The publication should also be of interest to electrical and professional engineers, as well as students at university and Further Education and technical colleges.

There are many ways in which sample questions and answers can help befit your revision and help you to prepare for your exams, by learning how musch detail your answers need to go into and the types . style of questions that you may be required to answer.

Whether you are already on a course at a training centre or college, or you are studying at home, using sample questions and answers is a great way to make sue that you pass the real exam. We have a range of questions and answers available to purchase and download to help you achieve your qualification with ease.


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